Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception

Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception

Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Lime Pickles

Lime Pickles

Lime pickles dates back to the olden days when the kings would carry them to the battlefield due to their long storage duration. They're normally preserved either by adding salt or sugar. They can be either spicy or sweet depending on your desired taste. For sweet ones, all you've to do is add salt, jaggery or a mixture of both and for spicy ones, then use salt. Some of the different lime pickles recipe are as follows.

Lime Pickles

Lime Pickles

Lime Pickles

Lime Pickles

Lime Pickles

Gujrathi style; mix salt and turmeric powder in a bowl, put some deep crosses on pre-lime washed, put the limes in a clean jar, close it tight and stir on the every 3rd day. Nevertheless, make sure you do not open the jar. When the lime skin softens, add red chili powder, sugar and Asafetida and stir. After the sugar or jaggery melts, it's ready foreating.

For the restaurant lime pickle recipes; Put small pieces of files in a jar and add salt, shake the jar well and keep it for 2-4 days, shake it without opening the lid after every four days, add more salt and leave it in the sun for a month. Then using a Cooking pan, Cook the ginger till golden brown, add the jar limes, chillies, spices, and vinegar. Finally, mix properly, cook for 5 minutes and the pickle is ready.

Lime Pickles

Friday, April 27, 2012

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

Whether you are looking for information on how to start up a FM radio station that operates on a low power FM basis, operates on a full power frequency or alternatively streams on the internet, it is essential to first establish what the options available to you are. It is also important to understand the process for obtaining a frequency, what the licensing requireMents are, and also what type of FM broadcasting equipMent and studio gear you will need to run the radio station.

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

The following is a brief outline of some of the options that may be available. Please that not all options may be available in all countries, as license conditions do vary.

When it comes to how to start up a FM radio station, one of the options is low power FM. This type of radio stationoperates at lesser power than commercial stations and so they cover a smaller area. The exact area they will cover is dependent on terrain and the exact amount of power you are permitted. Again depending on the country you live in, the low power FM service may enable you to broadcast anywhere near from 500mW to 100W, and may be license-free or alternatively it may be licensed. This level of power is sufficient to cover anywhere between a radius of a few kilometres to several kilometres.

Another option is operating at full power licensed radio station. This type of frequency will give maximum coverage and station will enable you to reach as many listeners as possible. Depending on the country you live in, there can frequently be provisions to operate on a full power frequency, buteither on a commercial, non-commercial or educational basis. However, operating at full power FM radio station can be a somewhat complicated process-especially during the initial sTAGes of determining whether there are frequencies available in your area and also costing the equipMent that is needed. If you want to start up at full power FM radio station, then it is essential to get expert guidance at the earliest sTAGe. This will ensure you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

If these options don't appeal or are not available in your area, you have one other method for how to start up a FM radio station. You are able to establish a station that streams on the internet. It will be available to a worldwide audience and can stream in your choice of format.Common formats include Winamp and Windows Media Player, although generally we recomMend the latter as most people won't need to download any additional software to listen to your station. This type of radio station can use a great deal of bandwidth, so it is important to have a Fast speed internet connection with a high data cap limit.

When it comes to choosing the type of station you will set up, one of the most common constraints is budget. That said, it has been proven that a station can start out on a low power FM basis and successfully make the transition to operating at full power licensed commercial FM radio station. Some of the points to consider when looking to start up a FM radio station includes:

-The process for obtaining an FM frequency and what to look outfor

-How many Watts you will need to achieve the broadcast coverage you want

-What your obligations will be when it comes to music royalties

Specialist services-What you need before to assist you in submitting your application for a frequency

-What is the most appropriate powered transmitter and what type of antenna would be needed

-The type of radio automation software that will be used

For further information on how to start up a FM radio station please visit http://www.themulcher.com or email radio@themulcher.com

How to Start Up a FM Radio Station

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

If the very thought of movie-theatre popcorn yummy suffuses you with a renewed zest for life, then you are sure to be gung-ho about the science project experiMent that aims to determine which microwave popcorn pops the best. Interested? Forget kids that have an affinity for this snack inscrutable, even grown-ups would be upfront about conducting this experiMent within the precincts of their home.

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Light, butter, home style or kettle, they all manage to envelope us in euphoria, with consummate ease. And of course, financially astute customers never let go of an opportunity to get the best deal.

The Itch To Win Brownie Points

It's hard to torpedo the enthusiasm and never-say-die spirit of leading popcorn manufacturers when it comes to winning the plaudits ofan enTire generation of popcorn lovers. In fact, such is the hypnotic power of advertising that they manage to seize an irresistible customers by impulse to bite into their Cauldron of delectable varieties.

The following experiMent seeks to challenge the insularity of the public with respect to the best brands. Remember, the most widely used brands do not always give consistent results.

The Line-up Includes ...

Here's what you'll need to start your experiment with:

A bag each of Acme, Best Brand, Xtreme and Top-Dog microwave popcorn. A 500 watt microwave oven A large plastic bowl One small plastic bowl
Let's Get Started

Once all the materials are in place, it's time to set the ball rolling. Here's how:

Finding Out Which Microwave Popcorn Pops the Best the Easier Way

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Watch TV From My Computer

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Have you ever thought to yourself "It sure would be nice to Watch TV from my Computer" Well, it's not the province of the super rich or ultra nerds anymore. In fact watching TV on your Computer is becoming more main stream all the time. Some, including software giant Microsoft feel it is the wave of the future. They've actually part of their future staked on it. Their new Vista operating system has features designed specifically to enable this sort of functionality.

That's great, but where do you get the content? I mean, you just can't have thousands of channels pumped into your Computer straight from the Internet, can you? Well, actually you can. There are really a few ways to get TV on your computer. You can buy a TV tuner card. Thisbasically turns your computer into a high tech VCR or personal video recorder (PVR-think TiVO) device. That's pretty darn cool, but there are a couple of downsides to the approach. First of all, as was pointed out earlier, there is a content question. Where do you get it?

With the TV tuner card method, you're limited to what is available with a terrestrial antenna, or you can hook up basic cable TV service. Anything beyond basic cable won't work using this method, because the content is encrypted by your cable provider. You need their proprietary cable boxes to decode the really cool channels, or pay per view events. So, while this method of watching TV on your computer is pretty neat, there are definitely limitations with it.

You can use a pay-per-download service ofwatching movies on your computer, such as Cinemanow.com or Movielink.com. While they do offer a large amount of downloadable content, it's definitely not live TV. If you're looking for real live TV, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Another method is IPTV. TV content streamed over the internet straight to your computer or set-top tuner box. There are two flavors of this. One is through a major service provider such as a cable, satellite or phone company. These are definitely capable of delivering a large amount of high quality content, but just because it's streamed over the Internet doesn't mean you'll just be Pluggn ' in the net straight to your PC and watching reruns of Sienfeld. You are basically duplicating the cable set top box, except the method of content delivery isusing IP packets instead of analog or other types of digital cable.

There's still another choice. You can watch live stream TV directly on your computer or to a TV hooked up to your computer. Using one of several software based solutions, you can watch live TV shows such as sports, prime time network programming, reality TV, and moves. It's live, and even better there are thousands of channels available from all over the world. If you are looking to keep up on world events, or want a different perspective on the news, this is a fantastic resource.

The software streaming solutions really excel for sports, though. You'll find sporting events that are sparsely covered in the U.S., such as soccer, motorcycle and Bicycle racing. Another bonus is that you can get coverage of thesame event form different networks. Want to see if the local announcers "are a bit biased? You can do it. No matter the sport, if it's on TV anywhere in the world, you'll be able to watch it.

I know, there are great ways to watch live TV on your computer. You just need to decide how you are going to do it, and grab a cold one!

Can I Watch TV From My Computer? Yes, You Can

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

This article discusses an age old question and one I get asked a lot, should I buy gas or diesel? This question has fueled many a heated debates too. Sometimes this question involves truck that will be used to tow a trailer, and other times it involves what type of motorhome to purchase. A universal response you could expect to hear to this question goes something like this: Diesels cost more. Don't buy a diesel unless you plan to put a bunch of miles on it and keep it for a long time. That's the only way you can justify the extra cost of diesel.

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Several years ago there was some truth to this somewhat typical response. But things are changing, especially when you're talking about motorhomes. Today, the cost of some gasoline powered motorhomes is about thesame as many of the entry-level diesel motorhomes available on the market. This higher cost is mainly due to advanceMents in gasoline RV chassis ' design; Gross Vehicle Weight with greater Ratings (GVWR) to accommodate coach designs with 3 and 4 slideouts. And don't forget to factor in the new technology in gasoline engine and transmission design over the past several years.

The old response, of diesels costing more, does hold true with some of the specialized diesel chassis manufacturers, but it's not just the engine that accounts for these higher prices. You are moving to a much higher plateau across the board. For the most part gasoline RV chassis ' are heavy duty truck chassis ' modified for Recreation Vehicle use, whereas many chassis ' are a diesel bus chassis. These buschassis ' have even greater GVWR 's, Air brakes, Air ride suspension systems, transmissions, rear mounted larger diesel engines and more. They handle better, ride better and cost more. I always say you get what you pay for.

Other than the cost factor between gas and diesel motorhomes, what are we really talking about when it comes down to gas versus diesel? Say for example then a truck you want to use to pull a trailer. This is where we need to factor in the engine itself. This is also where torque and horsepower come into the equation.

Explaining torque and horsepower can get extremely technical, and we want to keep this simple and easy to understand. With that said, torque is basically the force or energy required to move something. Torque is the measureMent of force,and force is measured in reference to a twisting or rotating shaft. In English terms torque is measured in pounds-feet, but is more commonly referred to as foot-pounds. So in keeping it simple let's just say that torque can be thought of as the amount of turning force it takes to move one pound of weight the distance of one foot.

Torque can be multiplied through gear ratios. You have probably heard that the higher the real axle gear ratio is the beMa tter the truck will tow. The axle ratio is the number of times the driveshaft must rotate to turn the rear wheels one time. If you have a 3.73: 1 axle ratio the drive shaft turns 3.73 times for each full turn of the axle. So in a sense torque really equalls towing capacity.

Horsepower on the other hand is torqueX RPM 's. Torque is how much work is being done, and horsepower is how Fast you get the actual work done. What's interesting is an engine rated at 350 horsepower only produces that horsepower at a rated peak power RPM. This RPM range, for a gasoline engine, is often between 5.000 and 6.000 RPM 's. When an engine is idling the horsepower is significantly lower, and as the RPM's raise so does the horsepower. When you're towing a trailer the engine speed is more likely to be in the low to mid RPM range, 2.000 which means you probably have slightly more than half of the rated horsepower. Horsepower is measured by a dynamoMeter. A dynamoMeter puts a load on the engine and measures the amount of power the engine produces against the load at various speeds. In reality it is measuringtorque in pound-feet and converting it to horsepower. Even at the peak power RPM rated you won't really get the rated horsepower because a percenTAGe is lost through auxiliary equipMent on the engine and the process of getting it back to the wheels.

In a diesel engine the horsepower peaks at a lower RPM, and there is more torque at a lower RPM compared to a gasoline engine. This results in a diesel engine having much more power at a lower RPM, RPM range around the you will be towing at. This higher torque and higher horsepower at a lower RPM equates tor better towing.

There are many other factors involved in the question of gas versus diesel that you will need to consider. What are the maintenance costs involved, cost difference between fuel types, fuel economy,your budget, and the resale value? Whether it's for a tow vehicle or motorhome, take your time and make a well informed decision when comparing gas to diesel.

If the question is which truck will tow more or which motorhome has more torque the diesel will win hands down, but I honestly have no complaints with our gas powered motorhome either. Especially when considering the price.

Q & A

Question: Why does a diesel engine have more torque?

Mark Says: Much of the reason is in the way the engine is designed. Internal combustion engines use spark from a spark Plug to ignite fuel in the combustion chamber of a gasoline engine and the high heat from compression to ignite the fuel in a diesel engine. It's more difficult toburn diesel engines diesel fuel so have higher compression ratios resulting in more heat to ignite the fuel and more power.

Question: I have always heard that a diesel engine is much louder than a gas engine, is this true?

Mark Says: If you asked me that several years ago the answer would have been yes, but newer diesel engines are actually very quiet.

Question: You said in the article on diesel motorhome rides better, why is that?

Mark Says: Most gas motorhome chassis ' leaf spring suspension systems use. With this suspension system you will experience things like "body roll and pitch." whenever pressure is exerted against one side of the motorhome. It can be caused by a gust of wind, a shift in weight while cornering, or a passing truck. The effects of sway on a motorhome are increased because of the height and mass of the motorhome. Diesel chassis uses an air ride suspension system. These systems keep the chassis adjusted to the proper ride height at all times by adding and releasing air as required. And the way the system is designed eliminates the pitch and roll affect you get from leaf spring suspensions, resulting in a smoother riding motorhome.

Happy Camping,

Mark J. Polk

Copyright 2007 by Mark j. Polk, owner rveducation101.com

Gas Versus Diesel RV's

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Benefits of Golden Berries

Benefits of Golden Berries

Going back to the basics like eating organic products is highly advised by many nutritionists will, health enthusiasts and medical practitioners compared to consuming processed goods and instant meals. They claim eating fruits and vegetables in their natural forms are the best sources of nutrients to keep our bodies healthy and free from any diseases.

Benefits of Golden Berries

Benefits of Golden Berries

Benefits of Golden Berries

Benefits of Golden Berries

Benefits of Golden Berries

Some fruits and vegetables are believed to be superFoods that are enriched with many vitamins and minerals in their natural forms. One of the most popular among them is the organic Golden Berries (gooseberry), also known as Incan Berries or Cape Gooseberries, which are eaten as healthy snacks and processed as an ingredient for different recipes. These berries are little golden nuggetsyellowish orange in color, with similar flavor of a candied lemon having sweet and tart taste. Incan Berries are found to have high nutritional value. These berries, which are bigger than raisins, have many seeds with a grainy texture and frequently eaten dry.

Golden Berry was first found in the South American tropics, where it was widely grown. The Incas the earliest cultivated berries and brought these to South Africa treading the path of the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Gooseberry "where the name originated in the 1800s. These berries were then introduced to Australia and New Zealand and have been widely grown in the wild ever since.

Fruit eaters in the past may have enjoyed eating the little berries because of theirrefreshing and delicious sweet taste, but little did they know that the Golden Berry has amazing health benefits like a multivitamin. With its holistic and all-natural ingredients, eating Gold Berries is highly recomMended than taking a multivitamin suppleMent.

The Incan Berry has high content of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, along with Vitamin P (bioflavinoids). Vitamin P has antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-histamine and anti-condition components. This makes the little dried fruits act as little soldiers protecting the body from toxins and free radicals that wash out the body wastes.

Benefits of Golden Berries

Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

Using a VCR to record your favorite tv epsodes when you have a satellite TV service installed can be a bit tricky but it certainly can be done. It's always important to remember that in a scheme, the satellite TV set-up boxes (also known as the receiver) is the original feed and it always outputs on the frequency of Channels 3 or 4.

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

Almost all TVs VCRs have NTSC tuners which can only receive channels stations from either analog stations using a receiver or cable and not directly from digital OTA stations like satellite TV or even digital cable. The only way to record programming using a VCR to record whatever channel is you're Watching on TV or that's being played on the satellite TV receiver.

First is to connect the VCR to the receiver box through the red/white/yellow jacksof both the receiver and the VCR. Alternately, you may also use a coaxial cable to attach the RF output signal of the receiver to the input of the VCR and then choose channels 3 or 4 on the VCR. Do not forget to change channels, you need to use the receiver rather than the VCR itself.

A different method is to use an antenna if you are trying to save local channels. With this method, you need to make sure your the receiver is turned off even if the antenna is attached into your DTV box or else you can just attach the antenna to your VCR, totally bypassing the receiver.

How to Hook Up Your VCR, TV and Satellite Receiver

Friday, March 2, 2012

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

Those of you who thought that TV antennas have become obsolete, think again. Due to technical changes and advances in Hdtvs, more and more people are looking to buy antennas. These are mainly required to receive OTA or over-the-Air digital signals and for this purpose, you may need over-the-roof antennas. People who have subscribed for satellite signals also need antennas to receive local channels.

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

Set-top antennas today, provide cutting edge designs-but they can also set you back by hundreds of Dollars. The older rooftop antennas have also undergone a treMendous change. While the older designs stood on your roofs like scarecrows, the newer versions can be easily camouflaged and stuck under the eaves of your roofs. These> antennas can also be amplified to boost signal receptions.

There are two methods of broadcasting OTA signals-the eight bit vestigial side band modulation technique and the coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. Both these systems have their pros and cons. The 8 VSB Uniface utilized the broadcasting spectrum more efficiently so the US laws have made this as the broadcast standard for US digital TVs. The reason why antennas have become even more necessary is the fact that the 8VSB signals are difficult to receive in many areas.

An important consideration when choosing antennas for your Hdtv is the distance from the broadcasting stations; if you live more than 10 miles away then adequate reception can be had using roof top or attic mounted> antennas. On the contrary, the indoor antennas are sufficient for distances less than 10 miles. The second drawback of US 8VSB broadcast is that its performance is quite poor multidirectional. Hence you need to invest in good UHF antennaunidirectional. These are available at most electronic stores easily. Do remember to place the antenna at the highest point on your roof if you live more than 15 miles from the broadcasting station.

Another important factor you must not ignore when you purchase antennas for Hdtv is the front-to-back ratio of the antenna. Larger this ratio, lesser is the interference in signal and better the picture quality. If you are living in an area with very tall buildings, then signal interference is a majorissue; a highly directive antenna with a good front-to-back ratio can help your signal reception greatly.

When you purchase a Hdtv you also get a HDTV receiver. Some TVs also come with built-in HDTV tuners called ATSC. The HD signals can be phased in on some regular and cable channels and a rooftop antenna can receive these.

HDTV Antennas-A Simple Buyers Guide

Monday, February 20, 2012

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Meal times were special occasions in the Victorian homes and eating started with making sure that you were properly Dressed for the event. While you could Dress down slightly for meals at home, any outside dining event that took place after 6:0 pm was automatically a formal occasion. Ladies were expected to wear low necked gowns with short sleeves and gloves. Married woman opted for satin or silk while the unattached arrived in muslins or chiffon. Men always wore dark broadCloth and "fine linen".

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Male guests were each assigned a female guest to escort into the dining room. The host always escorted the highest ranking lady, a newcomer to the area, a new bride, or the wife of a distinguished guest. The hostess was escorted by her husband's business partner or bestfriend.

The formal Victorian dinning room might be called a banquet hall today. It was usually quite large and lavishly over furnished as was the custom of that time.

There were extensive decorations including massive decorative furniture pieces, stuffed birds in cages, ceramic and china figurines, potted plants and a huge mirror among other items. The centre of attention was always the finely set table of abundance in the middle of the room.

Perhaps the term "finely set" is an understateMent. The goal of the hostess was to display every piece of fine china, stemware and silver she owned, so it wasn't uncommon to find 24 piece place settings including up to eight different forks, each with their own special purpose. Add to that an additional 8 knives, shears, game 7pieces of stemware for water, wine, sherry and more, dinner plate, and a bread plate containing a single piece of bread, and you'd think that there couldn't possibly be room for the Food; but they found a place anyway!

Most formal Victorian banquets were like an all-you-can-eat buffet except you sat down and the endless stream of up to nine courses were brought to you instead. Ample time was allowed between courses for conversation and digestive processes.

Once the meal was over, the servants brought water-filled finger bowls each containing a slice of lemon. The hostess signalled that it was time for the woman to leave the table by making strong eye contact with the woman seated to the host's right and then standing up. A servant or nearby gentleman openedthe door to let the woman reTire to the drawing room while the men either remained at the table for more conversation or withdrew its to the library to enjoy a fine cigar and a glass of port.

Victorian society dictated that each invited guest, whether they actually attended or not, should call upon the hostess in person within a week after the event to pay their respects. Custom allowed that men who were too busy with business affAirs could send their card via their wife or another female relative.

Yes, it all sounds like a bit too much work just to enjoy a good meal, but these were different times when pomp and circumstance still held a special meaning. Who knows? Perhaps we could use a little of that back in our lives today.

Victorian Dining And Dining Etiquette

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Continuing with our research into the CB craze of the mid 70s we'll take a look at what were considered the elite antennas when it came to having a CB setup. While the truckers may have ruled the roads and channel 19, it was the everyday hobbyist who ruled the Airwaves from his home, and rule they did.

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

If you were on CB and really wanted to impress people with your voice booming over the Airwaves "you had no choice but to set up a base unit. Not only were the units themselves powerful but the antennas that people put up on their roof tops could have given some rival TV stations a run for their money.

Choosing a CB antenna for your base station was not easy. There were plenty to choose from and they all had their pluses and minuses.

Oneof the most powerful, yet most frustrating was the ever popular Moon Raker. This was a beam antenna that looked very similar to TV antennas, most having 3 eleMents mounted on an 11 Meter base. These were called regular Moon Rakers. However, there were beam antennas that had up to six eleMents on them. They were referred to as a Moon Raker 6. These things were huge. The problem with them was that they were directional antennas. What this means is that depending on what direction your antenna was pointing that was where you got your best reception and transmission. So if you were speaking to somebody who was south of you and your antenna was pointing north you had to turn the antenna 180 degrees in order to get a decentreception. This got to be a pain after a while. The plus side was that these antennas were so powerful they could cut through anything once you had your target zeroed in.

Another popular base antenna was what was called the "Big Stick". This was really just a very long fiberglass antenna. They were usually about 10 to 15 feet long. They weren't as powerful as the Moon Raker but they transmitted and received equally well in all directions and therefore were great all purpose base antennas especially if you were in a centrally located area where you had a number of people you could speak to in all directions. Also, Big Sticks were relatively cheap next to a Moon Raker that sold for a couple of hundred Dollars. A Big Stick was about $ 70.

Forpeople who didn't have a very large budget, there were base station antennas made that quite honestly were not much more powerful than their mobile counterparts. When you take the lack of power of these antennas into account against their price TAG of about $ 50, it made much more sense to go with a Big Stick.

The biggest problem with all of these antennas, especially in the old days, was that they were constantly interfering with TV receptions. Today with cable, things are not quite as bad.

Even though CB isn't as popular with homeowners as it was 30 years ago, you can still see these bad boys on roof tops if you look close enough. Just make sure you stop the car first before taking a look.

Base Station CB Antenna-Antennas

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

There are a lot of people who are looking for the best wireless router, but the best wireless router is very different, depending on the person and their needs. What is best for one person may be completely different than what is best for another.

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Computer games, for instance, require a certain kind of wireless router for the gamer to get the best experience. For one, the router should provide a good signal and plenty of bandwidth. Packet loss is extremely "detriMental to the gaming experience, and a router that can be depended on is best. The best gaming wireless router will also have good quality of service software, so that the bandwidth devoted to certain uses, like browsing the web or downloading, can be limited, and the bandwidth can be devoted to gamingincreased.

This is in contrast to the best wireless router for a large home, where range will be important. In this situation, the person shopping for a router should be looking at routers that have a long range. More specifically, routers that have external antennas, and more than one external antenna. The less material there is between the antenna and the Computer, the better the signal will be, and that includes the case of the wireless router.

And someone that is looking to set up a whole wireless home entertainMent system, complete with Wi-Fi enabled TV and gaming consoles, would be best served by a router that came with dual band, so that the TV and the console games could use one band, while the laptops and other, similar devices could use theother band. That way, both sets of devices are not competing with each other for bandwidth, and someone playing computer games will not have to contend with someone streaming a movie to the Wi-Fi enabled TV.

Of course there are many other scenarios that a router might be used for, these are just a few that might be more common. The point is that a person looking to purchase a router should go beyond just asking for the best wireless router, because what is best is highly dependent on the scenario.

Once you have identified what your needs are from a router, you can then begin looking for the best router for you. And since you have a better idea of exactly what you need, you will be better able to make a decision on what router to purchase.

Best Wireless Router

Monday, January 23, 2012

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss


115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

of ordinary objects pays well. Their value is often quadrupled. Prepared stencils and designs are available from hobby shops. You can work in attic or baseMent and need invest very little in Supplies. Saleable items are initialled tumblers, stools, trays, jugs, boxes, waste-baskets, greeting cards, toys. Sell your work to gift shops on a sale or return basis.


This work can be obtained by writing or telephoning departMent stores, retail and mail order firms, adDressing bureaux, and direct mail services listed in the telephone directory. You can advertise your service under "Employment" in local newspapers and in the telephone book.


Coin collecting is booming. Supplying collectors is a profitable home business. Get to know values by reading books and catalogues. Buy carefully from reputable dealers and from private sources through classified ads in local papers. Sell through private contacts and mail order advertisments in "Coins" and other collectors' and hobby magazines, and in "Exchange & Mart " Weekly, under "Coins". See No 113 on Home Mail Order Business . Combine with No 79.


Your income is from fees charged for people to join the club to receive the names of others who wish to correspond. In this home mail order business you cater for some special interest: hobbyists, coin or stamp collectors, booklovers, prize contest enthusiasts, writers. (5) PROFITABLE SEWING AT HOME

There is money in a home Dressmaking service. It often pays to specialise. Some do well re-modelling old dresses, or making novelties or children's wear. A sign in your window, a card on Y.W.C.A. notice boards and students' bulletins, classified ads in the local newspaper and calls on dress shops and gift stores bring business.


at home pays well, as they often sell for many times the material costs. Lamp shades can be made in home workshops from linen, plastics, silk, paper and parchment. Local public libraries have manuals on the subject. Outlets are gift shops and department stores. Co-operate with interior designers.


This has mushroomed into an attractive new business opportunity. People like to borrow, do-it-yourselfers rent professional equipment. Many men are doing well these days by acting as rental agents for all manner of things - power tools, trucks, cars, electric generators, etc.


Pedigree dogs and other pets command high prices today. It is important to start with the right stock and keep to the instructions given in handbooks available at local public libraries. Two females mated at different times of the year could prove profitable. (9) BASKETRY AND CANE WORK

can be successful if you keep a good standard of workmanship. Use bright enamel paints for finishing and keep to standard designs and articles. Study the market and offer your products on sale or return to gift and novelty shops, stores, women's exchanges etc.


Suitable if you are a good 'mixer' and have good local knowledge and write plain English. Start by sending local editors specimen reports.


Profitable if you are keen, have some flAir, and study writers' manuals. Advertise in "The Writer", "Writer's Review", and "Writing".


Writers, lecturers, business companies and others need free-lance specialists to look up information which can be found in public and special libraries, museums and trade associations. Get work through classified ads in literary and writers' magazines. Home operators can earn oe2.50 to oe3.00 per hour. Your local reference libraries will help.


Start with an outbuilding or store room until you can take a small shop. No knowledge of your goods is necessary. Take a commission of 15% to 25% on everything you sell. Suppose a customer brings in a table, chAir, or camera for which he asks a certain price. When you have found a buyer you notify your client, who collects the cash and pays your commission. Your only expenses are for the space, and classified ads. Furniture, T.V. sets, cameras, typewriters, prams, sell well.


Cartoonists pay well for ideas and gags that suit their style. Write to cartoonists care of the magazines in which their cartoons appear.


is an increasing in-demand spare-time activity. Mothers bring their child to the baby-sitter's home, some taking seven or eight at once, charging by the hour, plus something extra if a meal is given. Combine with No 92.


working from home are wanted by Buying Protection Services, 20 Gorham, Rottingdean, Brighton. BN2 7DP.


This service is popular and rewarding because it salvages costly garments at considerably less cost than would be needed to replace them. There is particularly good scope in small community neighbourhoods.


for business firms and other advertisers can be profitable. Door-to-door delivery can be arranged with senior school-children. Sales letters sent to department stores and other local advertisers can bring good results, also advertisements in "The Trader".


is a growing business. In America especially, more and more people own and operate an 'on location' rug and furniture cleaning franchise, such as Service-master, 2117 North Wayne Ave., Chicago 14, Illinis. In England similar firms advertise in "Exchange & Mart", "Sunday Times", and "The Observer".


This requires no office and it can be evening work. Write to publishers requesting the right to get subscritions. Approach schools, hospitals, offices and private people in their home and at their business. Solicit orders by telephone and direct mail advertising. Or concentrate on back numbers which can be bought and sold through advertisements in


Many saleable products can easily be made at home, and sold through gift shops and other retailers.


at reasonable prices are in demand and several people in America are running this type of mail order business. They include second-hand instruction manuals and self-improvement books in their lists. Advertise under "Educational" in "Exchange & Mart". Combine with NO 114.


Once you have learned the "know-how" this can pay well. Public libraries have some good books on the subject and a lot can be learned from craft and hobby magazines. Many start with just a box of hand tools and some special equipment.


calls for, of course, artistic ability and skill with tools, plus imagination. It is advisable to get tuition in the subject at evening classes.


and sell through gift shops. Popular items: weather vanes, ships, squirrels, dogs, birds, row-boats, name and address backgroungs, picture puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, jewel boxes, comic plaques, Doll furniture.


Many women in the suburbs of London and other cities run a children's Clothing exchange, where mothers exchange children's unwanted, out-grown garments for others and pay an exchange fee. This project can be combined with the sale of boys' and youths' wear such as shorts, T-shirts etc., of your own make, or from wholesale suppliers listed in "The Trader".

(27) BOOK INDEXING Indexing books for non-fiction publishers is pleasant, profitable work. The technique can be learned from handbooks in public libraries. Work is obtained by writing to non-fiction publishers listed in the "Writers and Artists Year Book".


Needs skill and a gift for teaching. Local classified ads bring pupils. Teach in your own home at first. Special classes for middle-aged people pay well.


This is a service which can be profitably advertised with classified ads in magazines and newspapers. The skill can be acquired from manuals on graphology.


With such a service you undertake for an annual fee to remind people of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, dates for payments, etc. You get your customers through "Personal" ads in "Sunday Times" and "Observer".


has the advanTAGe of three markets: selling fur, breeding stock, and meat. This project can be started in a large backyard free from local restrictions against raising animals. Get "know-how" from local library.

(32) ENTERTINING in the form of singing, recitations, magic, dancing, doing a comedy act etc., calls for skill in your particular line, and a "way" with an audience. To get bookings it is necessary to become well known in your area by giving benefit performances for charitable affairs, hospitals and orphanages. (33) EMBROIDERING

beautifully decorated cigarette cases, velvet compacts, pin cushions, baby dresses etc., is profitable. Sales are through gift shops. Get "Embroidery" magazine which advertises opportunities and a correspondence course from Embroiderers Guild, 73 Wimpole Street, London W.1.


Cartoons are well paid today and there are some excellent handbooks and correspondence courses on the subject. Some cartoonists do well by specialising in Supplying industrial magazines with cartoons. Markets are listed in "Writers and Artist Year Book".


These are good sellers to gift shops. Study craft magazines, visit gift shops, and try to turn out something different.


You supply public relations help to small businesses in your area, arranging press parties, preparing news releases, arranging interviews, etc. Know-how can be obtained from handbooks on public relations at your public library.


For this home business you need artistic ability, finger dexterity and knowledge of the market. Handbooks give full information. Sell through friends, neighbours, church groups, members of women's clubs, gift and novelty shops, dress shops and beauty salons.


If you have the gift for it and the necessary know-how from books on dog training you can get this kind of profitable work with regular advertising in the local press. This can be combined with the sale of dog requisites.


Local newspapers often contain part-time vacancies, or you can approach grocers, service stations, clubs, public houses and various retailers who may need a home book-keeping service, rather than a more expensive firm of accountants, to help prepare and maintain tax forms and records.


This means calling in independent and chain retail stores of all kinds and soliciting volume orders. You handle no merchandise but send the orders to the factory which then ships the order direct to the retailer. There is no selling door-to-door to consumers. You need no office, only a telephone and some stationery.


using 3/8" or 1/2" plywood, is profitable if you can make such items as attractive bedside cabinets and kitchen fixtures, and charge not more than 100% above the cost of the materials. Consult your local library for books.


for single men, business girls, school-teachers, professional people and over-worked housewives can pay well. Advertise at week-ends in the classified section of your local newspaper. This work can be combined with some other sewing.


You need a sunny room, starting with one or two pairs of birds. Sell the offspring to friends, neighbours and local pet stores.


This pays handsomely. Items in demand are cakes, jams, jellies, maple syrup, apple cider, cheese, cookies, candies, etc. Sell through gift shops, tea rooms, hotels, grocers, and by small classified advertisements in national Sunday newspapers and women's magazines. It is usual to fix prices by doubling the cost of ingredients.


Photographers, art schools, advertising agencies, moving picture agencies, department stores, T.V. stations, want women, men and boys as models for advretising, illustrations for Clothes and other products, magazine illustrations.


This is a home activity that pays well. Women buy sweaters, dresses and two and three-piece suits; men need mufflers, gloves, socks, jackets, sweaters; and children's knitted wear is also in demand at good prices. Sell privately through local babywear shops, gift shops and other suitable retail outlets; by mail order; also by approaching suitable firms.


Many women with the necessary experience with children earn good money operating a nursery school simply by making their services known through local classified advertisements. :FORTYEIGHT (48) NOVELTY, TOY AND BRIC-A-BRAC SHOP

Interesting if you can make articles in demand that also sell to wholesalers, mail order houses, stores, souvenir shops, gift shops. Typical items: paperWeights, desk sets, book-ends.


Details of an attractive range of luxury skin care products for demonstrating from your own home at generous profits are obtainable from B & G Delaney, 18 Wellington Square, Chelsea, London SW3. Agents to sell beauty preparations are wanted by Avon Cosmetics Ltd., 84 Baker Street, London W.1.


to friends and workmates at actual wholesale prices is a popular spare time activity. A free starting outfit of actual shirting samples, coloured illustration, etc., is offered by K.L.Shirts, 349 Edgware Road, London W2.


and novelties made at home sell well in local shops. Lamp and vase mats, handbags, hot dish mats, seat covers, toilet seat covers, backrests and slippers are in demand. Rugmaking kits are obtainable from Winwood Textiles, Kidderminster, Worcs.


is profitable. If you have transport you can start by collecting scrap in your locality. Your local library will have a book on metal identification that will tell you how to identify steel, lead, zinc, bronze, brass, iron, etc. Your librarian will help you to track down buyers.


There are many outlets, stationers, friends, and by mail order. Books giving the know-how are obtainable from your public library and new and secondhand printed machinery is advertised weekly in the "Exchange & Mart". Profits are good and reliable work much in demand. Start spare-time and develop into full-time.


This can be conducted in a shed or basement. A thorough knowledge of the subject is essential. Sales can be made through a sign in your window; through local newspaper advertisements or a roadside stand; and to local greengrocers, restaurants and hotels. (55) MAKING CURTAINS AND RUGS

is a pleasant home occupation. Many people are glad of such a money-saving service. Get business through telephone and personal calls, letters and classified advertisements in local newspaper, sell privately and through gift shops. Get Supplies at trade rates through wholesalers listed in the telephone book and in craft journals.


can be a very profitable occupation, especially in the summer. You can work from home and get business by offering chemists 25% commission to act as agents.


Some women have developed a profitable second income by turning one of their rooms into children;s playroom, fixing it up with bright walls, games, puzzles, toys and books. (58) CURIOS AND NOVELTIES

Made at home, these items can be sold directly to the public or through retail outlets such as gift shops, novelty and curio shops.


These can be picked up, often cheaply, from estate sales and secondhand bookshops, also by writing to famous people telling them how much you appreciate something they have done or written (such letters often bring a thank you note).


A baby sitting (and invalid sitting) agency is well worthwhile. Operators advertise for baby sitters in the local newspaper and check their suitability. The agency mails postcards to parents, women's groups and church groups making known its service.


It is possible to make good profits by buying certain types of old china and glass from secondhand stores, auction sales, etc., and selling them privately and to antique dealers. (62) FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE REPAIRING

If you have the ability there is good scope in this field because everywhere people like to be able to call in someone to salvage old furniture, remodel lamps, fix chairs and sofas, etc. :(63) MANAGING BLOCKS OF FLATS

Owners of apartment houses are often glad to pay 5% of the rent to someone who will collect monthly rents, place income in the bank, superintend maintenance and show people over vacant flats.


it is quite easy and often highly lucrative. Home operators obtain low-priced kits from supply houses, scraps from departent stores, milliners and mills, and make toy animals, table mats, handbags, holders, hot dish pads, slippers, hats, belts glass cases, felt flowers, purses. Sell to gift shops.


Details of various agencies from Wessex First Aid Co., 6a Royal Parade, Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey; Progressive Insurance Brokers, 7 Judd Street, London W.C.1; Garden Estate Nurseries Ltd., 4 Station Road, Wytleaf, Surrey.


Thousands of magazines pay well for articles and stories that suit their public. Many beginners get into print with the help of manuals such as "Write for Money" (from your authorised distributor). Markets are listed in "Writers and Artists Year Book".


for toys, Dolls and household items is appreciated in most towns. Such a service can be made known with announcements on notice boards, a sign in your window and with classified advertisements in local newspapers.


on your home P.C. and printing out on daisy-wheel or laser printer. Very prestigious results are achieved thus materially assisting Job candidates. Fees of £25 - £50 can be collected for the finished product. Advertise your service in local/national newspapers.


from home using P.C. appropriate software as 'Wordstar' and a daisy-wheel printer. Reports, special letters, quotations, invoices can easily be produced using state-of-the-art peripherals. Customers will be small businesses such as builders, doctors, accountants. Demand will be regular.


Because so many people cannot wear the standard-sized costumes sold in shops, this is an excellent speciality.


Children love novel Computer games thus creating a constant demand for new and better arcade quality software. If you have programming skills (or these skills can be acquired through local college courses) then writing these games using computer language could prove a very profitable venture.


There is money in this. Build up a collection of colour slides on two or three popular subjects. Read up these subjects over a period. Then write offering to give illustrated talks to clubs, civic organisations, educational institutions and employees of business firms. Projectors can be hired.


A number of women in small and larger towns add to their income by giving 'new life' to hats, changing the style to make them look new and different.


If you have the inclination and the space, plus some ability for buying and selling you could look into this possibility, studying the journals and manuals on the subject at the local library.


This field bristles with opportunities and involves only very modest expenditure to start. One operator claims to make an average of oe15,000 to oe20,000 a year and he started with very little capital. The necessary know-how is easily acquired; there are reliable manuals on world trade, showing how to start, how to get government help, how and where to buy, how to sell locally and by mail, etc. (76) PRINTING SERVICE

Selling printed items (letterheads, envelopes, forms etc.,) through local solicitation involves no equipment, no stock, no financial investment, no figuring. You find a wholesaler printer who will supply a catalogue and samples; these do the main Job.


If you have the ability to prepare speeches there is well paid work to be obtained from persons active in trade associations, literary clubs, political groups and social clubs. A letter, with your business card, sent to the secretaries of such associations may well lead to interesting work. Payment can be quite high according to the type of speech and the amount of research needed .


It is necessary to be over 21 years of age and to possess a driver's licence. Apply to local taxicab companies.


gives plenty of scope today with the ever-increasing interest in stamp collecting for pleasure and profit. There are over 3 million collectors of stamps in the British Isles and about 12 million throughout the world. Even if you confine yourself to supplying collectors in Great Britain, you can make a good income.


if you can do it well, is a wanted service. Insert classified ads saying you will decorate houses at low rates (get the know-how from library books). Request a discount of 20% on wallpaper supplied by retailers.


can be carried out on a card table at home. Manuals are readily obtainable showing how to make jewel boxes, paperWeights, candleholders, pen-holders, cigarette boxes, costume jewellery and ornamental plaques for gift shop outlets.


first in selling used or new cars, second in running a motor insurance agency. You can buy used cars cheaply at weekly auctions and sell for excellent profits from home. Advertise in your local paper under cars for sale.


Many women do secretarial work at home for dentists, doctors and lawyers who do not require a secretary all day. They call for the client's recordings from a dictation machine and perform the work at home, at a considerable saving for the client. (84) POTTERY CRAFT PRODUCTS

can now be made at home at low expenditure on kits and clays from craft supply houses. There is a good market for gaily-decorated tiles for hanging on walls, decoration of Fireplaces, etc., small pitchers and mugs, vases and flower bowls.


There is a demand for this service because so many people have documents and papers they want to preserve from deterioration by having them covered with a layer of plastic that is airtight. Business firms want photos, cards, maps, charts, clippings, etc., protected. Firms that show you how to get started advertise in "Exchange & Mart".


Shampooing and boarding pets is a sought-after service in higher-income areas. Poodle clipping is also in demand. Your local public library probably has books on dogs and clipping. Cards displayed at newsagents and classified advertisements in local newspapers bring this kind of business.


This pays well. You place two-line classified ads in literary periodicals such as "Books and Bookman", "Times Literary Supplement", "Time and Tide", offering to find scarce books a "free search service". You insert other ads indicating specific titles wanted in "The Clique".


Such services are used by lawyers, doctors, repair men, contractos and others who are not always able to have someone to answer 'phone calls'. Many housewives, shut-ins, married couples and others find that a telephone answering service pays well. A monthly fee is charged.


Using a home P.C. and software such as "Sage" or "Pegasus" accounting packages you are able to offer a fully computerised book-keeping and accounting service including; purchase ledger, profit and loss accounts, sales ledger, nominal ledger, profit forecasting.


calls for a keen interest, market study and initiative; in demand are: tricks, games, game boards, masks, educational toys, models, puppets and any other types. Felt for soft toy-making is obtainable at low prices from Griffiiths & Co., 6 Hanover Street, Merthyr Tydfil


Many stenographers take a typing class at home in the evening, using rented typewriters and ads in local papers.


can provide a good income, spare-time or full-time. List Broking is big business in America and is a Fast growing field in the U.K. It is the use of one firm's mailing list by another non-competing firm. Operating such a Mailing List Exchange is easy and profits are high.


is equally profitable. This can be undertaken at home since most people have a spare corner or cupboard under the stairs to keep the cages. Chinchillas are becoming extremely popular animals hence this can become a very profitable croft business.


offering a personal video of this special occasion is a profitable usage of a "Camcorder". Many young brides want a living momento of their wedding-day. oe20-oe30 per copy can be realised for 1-2 hours work. Up to a dozen copies can be sold from each ceremony. Advertise in your local paper. A "Camcorder" can be purchased as cheaply as oe450.


A home typewriter repair service can pay well. Get business through office supply stores and small classified advertisements in local papers at weekends.

(96) Watch REPAIRING

can be highly profitable. A Watch repairing course is offered by watchcraft, 121 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London S.W.15.


for churches, clubs and business firms pays well. It is simply typing on to a wax stencil (without the typewriter ribbon). Erasures and corrections are made with a liquid which may be bought at any office stationery shop. (98) SELLING OCCULT AND METAPHYSICAL BOOKS BY MAIL

is interesting and can be profitable. In England a reliable advertising medium for such books is "Prediction"; in America "Fate".


can be excellent home business. The process is used for greeting cards, posters, show cards, personalised place cards, etc. This method of printing by stencils through tautly stretched silk in a frame is easy to learn and there is no scarcity of manuals.


is a good spare-time business. There are useful manuals on the subject.


This is growing enormously and the future market is very great. Most insurance companies have training facilities. Men and Women act as sole proprietor, operating their own business in their own time.


is usually seasonal work. It is necessary to be a fluent talker and know how to handle people. Become familiar with the points of interest you will talk about from handbooks at your public library. Apply to sight-seeing companies in your area.


Books can often be bought cheaply at private sales, from markets and side-street secondhand bookshops, and through classified advertisements in "Book Market" and "Exchange & Mart" (under books). They can be sold to specialist booksellers and through classified advertisement under "Books" in "Exchange & Mart".


Armed with an Apple Macintosh computer and software such as "Pagemaker" and a laser printer (total outlay for second-hand equipment ....see 'Computer for Sale' in "Exchange & Mart"....as little as oe3500) and a few hours home training from the 'user friendly' manuals accompanying this equipment you have the basis for a ready made business. Charge oe25 - oe40 per hour for preparing the artwork for letterheads, manuals, business cards, etc. Customers will be small printers, large printers with overspill, mail-order dealers.


Sizeable incomes are being made by free-lance photographers. Clubs often want group shots of the membership. Home portraiture pays well. Local business firms buy pictures of their products. Retail stores want photographic show cards.


Profitable odd Jobs for local householders include furniture repairing, patching up cement, simple plumbing, washing cars, sharpening lawn mowers, garden tidying, fixing labour-saving devices, shelves, etc. With the help of the popular manuals available anyone can give first aid for the metal fitting and utencils in the house. It is often possible to pick up commission through work obtained for paper hangers, plasterers, carpenters, etc.


Many small and medium sized companies place much emphasis on group training. This is very time consuming in terms of staff employed on training tasks. Offering a 'training video' service will attract such customers. A training session is 'video recorded' and the company use this to impart the required skills to groups of their employees.


Most people can write tips on household management, cookery, child care, etc. Jokes, anecdotes, children's sayings, business-building gimmicks, etc., are in demand. Many such items receive sizeable cheques from magazines. (109) MAKE AND SELL COSTUME JEWELLERY

Home-made costume jewellery sell well to jewellery outlets, gift shops, hairdressers shops, clothes boutiques, and by direct mail. It is possible to start with limited capital. Read books borrowed from the local library, study trade journals, and literature issued by manufacturers of fittings and supplies. Catalogues from Leisurecrafts Ltd., Romford Road, London E.12. Write also to Gemcraft, 96 Grove Vale, London S.E.22.


pays well if the right techniques are followed. Business firms, professional people and associations in your area need typing done by free-lance typists. Authors need novels, short stories, plays, non-fiction books and articles typed and they are easily reached through classified ads in writers' and literary magazines. T


Many people with the ability to write good letters have done well helping business firms with their overdue accounts. Sample collection letters given in handbooks from public libraries can be adapted to suit various types of businesses. Charge customers from 10% on all money brought in.


Communication and Fast coying are vital requirements of modern businesses and executive professionals. Second-hand fascimile and photocopiers are cheaply available. You can charge 10p per photocopy, oe1.00 per minute for fax transmission and oe1.50 per min for telexing. Advertise your service in classified sections of local newsapapers.


You can start and operate a profitable mail order business at home with limited capital if you go the right way about it. Starting with almost no capital it is possible to make oe100 a week part-time and oe700 (and much more) full time. "I've found mail order a wonderful, a proven way to make high profits in spare time, at home. I think it is the finest spare-time business of all", writes James Carr, author of a well known Mail Order Course. "You can start anywhere", he writes, "using your kitchen table for an office. You do no personal selling.


This is the most satisfactory type of mail order business. Easy, pleasant and profitable, it is an ideal spare-time or full-time activity, especially suitable for the beginner in mail order. We do not know of anything else that can be sold as easily and with as little capital as books. They bring continual repeat business for related books. No licence is needed to sell books.


Because good craftsmanship is scarce today home craftsmen can readily sell attractive work through gift shops, furniture stores and other retailers, also privately. Unusual bookshelves, bookracks, bookends, novelties, wireworks, marquetry, leatherwork, etc. Addresses of handicraft materials and hobby kit suppliers are usually obtainable at local public libraries.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Some people think that just because your unit slows down when you apply your RV trailer brakes that they are all working properly, however this could be far from true. A friend showed me a sure way to check to ensure each brake is doing its fAir share of the work, by using a simple magnetic compass.

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Have your helper hold the compass about three inches below the wheel hub, close enough to the rim without touching it. Now, activate the trailer brake from inside the cab. If the compass needle starts moving erratically, then that wheel brake is working. Do the same with each wheel, ensuring the compass needle has settled down from the previous test before testing the next wheel.

If any of your RV trailer brakes magnets fail to move the needle, then that brake magnet is not doing its Job. In that case, either try to find the problem, or take it to your nearest RV technician to have them troubleshoot the problem.

If all of your RV trailer brake magnets fail the test, check your brake control, trailer wire connections and if your truck is equipped with a tow package, check the fuse box and replace any blown fuses. Remember to check all wiring harnesses and connector Plugs, sometimes it can be just that simple and could save you a costly repAir bill.

Oh, and don't forget to put your compass back in your repAir kit, since this is an excellent way to check other electromagnetic solenoid switches! And, you never know when you might get lost in the boonies!

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?